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Helping Australian leaders
to confidently build enduring,
great companies.

Aligned Teams. Proven Systems. Scalable Growth.

Leadership Team Coaching for Mid Market Companies Who Want to Scale

We partner with Australian executive leadership teams to build and scale companies with a proven, structured strategic planning process. 

We create freedom for business leaders, because our tools produce discipline and direction. Our system helps you decide on the right strategy, and the most important things to focus on, and ensures you execute effectively.

Our leadership team coaches help you establish a high performing leadership team, and embed our structured strategic planning process that helps your business move from good to great. We are your partner through this evolution.

Because we focus only on mid market leadership teams who truly want to build great businesses, our team and our tools are tailored to help leaders in this space.

We invite you to learn more about how together, we can build an enduring great business.

What are the results, key tools and systems we help you build for scalable growth?

We are constantly searching the world for the best tools that help mid market companies build enduring great companies.

Results we help you achieve

The right people doing the right things the right way
A strategy that differentiates you in the market
Execution that consistently produces results, quarter after quarter.
A focus on cash and the business model that results in more effective use of your teams efforts, and more cash

Key tools and systems we embed with your team

Core Values and Behaviours
The Flywheel
Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)​™
Enduring Company Vision
Detailed Strategic Planning Process
Focused Quarterly Planning
Core Purpose
Profit Per X
Disciplined, Effective Meetings
Topgrading hiring system
Onboarded onboarding system
Made to Thrive CEO role system
Aligned Leadership Team
A world class software execution system that brings it all together

We can help get you here.

New Podcast

A place for the world’s leading
thinkers, planners and doers


The Evolution Partners is a weekly podcast hosted by Brad Giles. Join Brad as he engages in conversations with some of the world’s sharpest minds, learning a bit more about them and delving into what makes them tick.

Coaching Programs & Tools - Supporting You To Reach Your Next Level

Group Growth Program

$1m – $10m revenue

The purpose is to help you grow yourself, your team and your company. To drive your goals and impact your life.

The program consists of CEO only roundtables, CEO coaching as well as facilitated strategic planning workshops with your leadership team working through a customised, structured strategic planning program.

A big thank you to Brad Giles from Evolution Partners for working with us for the last 4+ years.
The work is certainly done by the TCD management team but without guidance and discipline set out by your work with us, we would not be achieving what we are and be on the path to building a great long-term business.”

​Adam Taylor
CEO of Aaro / CEO of TCD Group

Are We The Right Business Coach For Your Business?

We work with businesses from $5m to $250m in revenue, Our coaches work only with motivated CEOs and leadership teams who have a burning desire to stand out in their industry.

Our clients have a passion to be the best. The CEOs and leadership teams we already work with regularly comment that their teams are more aligned and productive, their future more certain, their profitability higher than ever, and they are confident in their direction.

We have quite strict criteria to accept clients and often have a waiting list. Before engaging with us, we conduct three meetings (at no cost) to be absolutely certain we can provide the maximum value to your organisation, as well as being the right coach for your business and leadership team.

“Great coaches lie awake at night thinking about how to make you better. They relish creating an environment where you get more out of yourself. Coaches are like great artists getting the stroke exactly right on a painting. They are painting relationships. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how they are going to make someone else better. But that’s what coaches do.”

Ronnie Lott on Bill Campbell, Coach to Apple and Google

Meet Your Coaches

Brad Giles

Founder, Author and Speaker | 20+ Years Experience

An experienced serial entrepreneur, Brad has founded multiple fast-growth companies and supported 100s more – He understands where you’re at, because he’s been there before. As your coach, you can be confident that Brad has your back. He recognises it’s often lonely at the top and approaches every coaching arrangement with the intention of supporting you and/or your executive team to achieve real, measurable outcomes.


Andres Zylberberg

Leadership Team Coach | 20+ Years Experience

Andres focuses on freeing the potential of leaders, so they can build great and lasting companies with confidence. Understanding the world of high-stakes corporate, Andres leans on a gamut of proven strategic planning and leadership frameworks to support CEOs, Founders and Executive leaders exponentially scale their businesses. True to the Evolution Partners’ ethos, Andres helps businesses save time, increase their revenue, and increase profits.

Anna Abelha

Leadership Team Coach | 20+ Years Experience

Anna is an experienced coach and as a founder/owner of multiple WA businesses, Anna understands business owners’ challenges and frustrations while trying to manage people and growth. Through coaching, Anna is driven to help leaders achieve their business objectives and goals that inspire growth and the development of high-performance executive teams, which results in creating an enduring great company of the future.
Anna Abelha - EVP

Where to from here? Let’s discuss.

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