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Growth Programs

How A Leadership Coach Will Help Your Team To Grow

If your intention is serious growth, you need to scale your capability faster than the opportunities arise in order to stay ahead of the game.

Our professional Team Leadership coaches have a genuine, lifelong commitment to learning. This allows us to stay ahead of the growth right side along with you, helping you foresee and navigate the challenges that growth creates with ease.

“First he would listen and observe.
This is the power of coaching in general:
the ability to offer a different perspective, one unaffected by being ‘in the game.’
‘Bill saw all the chess pieces all the time, because he had the luxury of not being on the board.’ ”

Patrick Pichette, Google CFO, describing Google leadership team coach Bill Campbell

Are You Ready For A Coach?

If you find yourself saying…

  • I’m tired of constantly putting out fires in my business
  • I want to grow to the next level, but not sure how
  • There’s something holding me and my team back from achieving greatness but I’m not sure what

It’s time, and we have your back!

We have the precise strategies to turn your business into a thriving, rewarding and successful entity that stands the test of time and GIVES YOU ENERGY vs draining it.

Our Integrated Approach

Firstly, we’ll help you build a strong leadership team. Together, we’ll get them aligned, accountable and focused on the right priorities and get you back on track. Your corporate culture is the basis that what comes next springs from.

Then, we partner with you to build a sustainable, growth strategy to truly thrive. Our coaches have already led hundreds of CEOs and leadership teams across Australia and the world and can do the same for you and your team.

We offer two options for our Growth Programs based on current annual revenue.

Select the program most appropriate for more information.

Group Growth Program

$1m – $10m revenue

The purpose is to help you grow yourself, your team and your company. To drive your goals and impact your life.

The program consists of CEO only roundtables, CEO coaching as well as facilitated strategic planning workshops with your leadership team working through a customised, structured strategic planning program.