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Onboarded for Managers


Helping managers bring new hires to the point
where they are effective, faster

Onboarded for Managers


Helping managers bring new hires to the point where they are effective, faster

Brad Giles and Onboarded for Managers

Every organisation carries an enormous hidden debt. People don’t talk about it, but they experience its adverse effects every day. This is called onboarding debt and it represents the difference between what people should understand and what they actually understand about the cultural expectations, technical expectations, and managers’ expectations that define how to succeed in their role. This onboarding debt manifests itself through lost profits, low retention, poor cultures and frustrated leaders. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 

In this easy-to-read book for all managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs, Brad Giles outlines the simple step-by-step process that leaders worldwide use to significantly increase the effectiveness of both new hires and existing teams.

Equal part business fable and business handbook, as well as being backed by a global research study and years of implementation, Onboarded for Managers brings dramatically more confidence to leaders responsible for managing new hires.

Designed to complement the original book Onboarded, Onboarded for Managers offers key concepts in an easier-to-consume format.

Onboarded for Managers

After years of mistakes, poor productivity, and resignations, Alex knew that hiring Nick Chisholm was the right move to start turning things around in his team. 

But only six months later, when Nick resigned, Alex found himself challenged to not only rebuild his team but also save his own job.

In my time in business, I’ve seen too many bosses like Alex lose promising employees like Nick. 

Over time, this has disastrous effects in terms of wasted resources, reduced productivity, and unrealised business outcomes – not to mention the stress and anguish it creates for both employees and managers.

I wrote this book because I don’t want you to be like Nick’s boss Alex. Instead, I want to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to make your new hires valuable, productive, and effective team members – fast.

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Onboarded for Managers

Readers will discover:

  • Why onboarding debt is the real cause of cultural issues in many firms
  • How to calculate the cost of inadequate onboarding to your firm
  • How to improve productivity, retention, profitability and culture using onboarding
  • The two main tools to use for effective onboarding

Accessibly written and filled with examples and proven tools,  Onboarded For Managers is the definitive guide on helping managers bring new hires to the point where they are effective, faster.

Onboarded for Managers, is an adjunct to my second book Onboarded.

Onboarded was not written for HR thought leaders to pontificate about the HR process in university lecture halls. It was written for busy business owners and leaders to make a business case that onboarding debt costs more than you ever imagined.

Onboarded For Managers

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About the Author

Brad Giles

Brad Giles has more than twenty years’ experience as a serial entrepreneur, strategic planner and leadership coach. He has twice been recognised as a BRW Fast 100 founder, an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and is actively involved in EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization. Brad is also the author of Made to Thrive: The Five Roles to Evolve Beyond Your Leadership Comfort Zone, a prescriptive guide on how to become a great leader. Each week Brad co-hosts The Growth Whisperers podcast and writes a weekly newsletter, both which discuss how to build enduring great companies. Today, as founder of the strategic planning and coaching consultancy Evolution Partners, Brad works with CEOs and leadership teams to build enduring, great companies.

Brad Giles

Worldwide Acclaim for Onboarded.

Brad Giles has made it impossible for every leader to ignore the huge pile of elephant poop in the living room – the fact is that almost all companies do a rotten job of onboarding new employees, and consequently new employees are more likely to underperform and quit. Brad outlines the extent of the problem, identifies what to do (and how and when), and presents a compelling roadmap for any leader to follow.”

Topgrading Inc and author Topgrading

“Effective onboarding new team members is the starting point of building a great organization. Yet most companies do a terrible job of it. Brad outlines the cultural and financial costs then delivers a thorough approach for getting it right and a plan for how to implement it in your organization. Your winning team starts here”.

Outthinker and author of Outthink the Competition, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Way of Innovation

“In an era where competition for skilled staff has never been fiercer and the expectations of staff on companies has never been higher, onboarding and retention strategies are more important now than ever. By implementing Brad Giles onboarding strategies outlined in this book our team retention for new starters within the first 12 months doubled which had a huge impact on the culture of Aventus and ultimately our financial results. This book is a must read for any leader or manager looking to create a high performance and winning culture.”


Onboarded. Resources Available Now Here

Complementary to the book, we offer a series of resources to help you get the most out of these new learnings and how to effectively introduce them to your teams and into your business.

These are offered complimentary and can be distributed to your team only. We kindly ask that you respect our intellectual property and do not distribute externally or commercialise in any way.

Visit our Onboarding Resources page for access.

NEW & UPDATED Sprint Plan now available – June 2023

Onboarded For Managers

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How to bring new hires to the point where they are effective, faster.

This course will help you:

  • Understand the cost of ineffective onboarding to your business
  • Significantly improve the understanding of new hires joining your firm
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