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The Sales Compensation Manual will guide you to easily and effectively create a sales compensation plan that will help: 

Sales Compensation Manual

  • Reduce turnover;
  • Motivate your sales force;
  • Avoid paying out too much or too little to your sales people;
  • Instill consistency in how sales people are paid;
  • Reward top performers appropriately;
  • Make your sales people work harder and smarter;
  • Attract and retain top sales talent and encourage poor performers to leave;
  • Improve overall job satisfaction among your sales force;
  • Elevate performance of your sales staff;
  • Align compensation appropriately with effort, productivity and results;
  • Increase sales and profits and
  • Put in place a plan that is easy to understand and easy to administer.

Whether you are building a straight sales commission plan or one that includes multiple  components, this 49 page handbook explains and illustrates the various ways of paying sales people and will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your own sales compensation structure. It will guide you in creating a plan that will help generate enthusiasm and eagerness to sell more to both existing and prospective accounts. 


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