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It has been 12 years since Verne Harnish’s book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits was first released. Scaling Up: How to Build a Meaningful Business and Enjoy the Ride (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) is the first major revision of this business classic. In Scaling Up, Harnish and his co-authors share practical tools and techniques to help entrepreneurs grow an industry-dominating business without it killing them-and actually have fun. Many growth company leaders reach a point where they actually dread adding another customer, employee or location. It feels like they are just adding more weight to an ever-heavier anchor they are dragging through the sand.

To make matters worse, the increased revenues haven’t turned into more profitability, so at some point they wonder if the journey is worth the effort. Scaling Up focuses on the four major decisions every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. The book includes a series of new One-Page tools including the famous and recently-revised One-Page Strategic Plan and the Rockefeller Habits Execution Checklist, which more than 60,000 firms around the globe have used to scale their companies successfully. Running a business is ultimately about freedom. Scaling Up shows owners how to achieve it, no matter how big and complicated a business grows.

Scaling Up is the new version of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and is due to be released in October this year. This revised edition incorporates all the learnings and experiences over the past decade and will contain 60% new content with more than 200 stories from 50 CEOs that were interviewed globally, including CEOs from Australia.

In this interactive workshop Brad will cover;scalingup-book

  • How the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) is used alongside the SWT (Strengths, Weaknesses & Trends) with different parts of your team to drive different results;
  • How to improve the FACE and PACE of the organisation, driving better accountability and results;
  • How to develop a strategy that meets customer needs and is outside the reach of competition;
  • The 7 key factors affecting company value;
  • Why “strategic planning” has failed organisations;
  • The 5 attributes of a ‘good’ company and how companies leverage corporate responsibility for 10 x growth;
  • The ‘Innovation Window’ and how you must create an innovation culture or risk stalling your growth engine
  • 7 strategy decisions that will minimise competition.

Top six reasons to attend:

1 LEAD the charge on high payoff initiatives
2 KEEP everyone in your organisation aligned and accountable
3 CREATE customer loyalty that makes price irrelevant
4 FUEL growth with smart cashflow management
5 LEARN what’s working in today’s mega-growth businesses
6 BUILD real market value and serious stakeholder wealth

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