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Build your growth strategy for 2015.

Did your company’s revenue and profits grow substantially last year?

What are you doing differently this year?

The Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan is used by over 60,000 growth businesses around the world to build a winning strategy and execution plan in a simple, practical and actionable format. You will come away from this in depth, interactive workshop with a clear direction for 2015. The focus of this workshop is to go through, in detail all aspects of the One Page Strategic Plan and build it together in the room.

As a delegate you will be issued materials for preparation to both read and complete to ensure you are motivated and ready to complete this 2 day workshop with the greatest results for your business.

Who is it for?

Business owners and executives of companies with typically more than $1m revenue who are looking for a proven growth method they can apply to their business.

Limited numbers

Due to the interactive nature of the workshop delegate numbers are limited to 12 places, so be sure to secure your pre-registration early.

In this interactive workshop Brad will cover;scalingup-book

  • Core Values – the ideology of your business that explains who you are and how to identify this in new employees;
  • How to improve the FACE and PACE of the organisation, ensuring the right people are doing the right things;
  • Developing a purpose to drive your company’s growth from within, and how this affects todays Generation Y workers;
  • Your Core Customer, and how to uncover and build a strategy around their needs to drive higher profits and more value;
  • The 7 strata of strategy and how to use this to build a meaningful differentiation in the market;
  • You Brand Promise and how to make it count;
  • Profit per x – the driver of your economic engine
  • Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and how this 10-30 year goal drives your growth
  • Setting priorities for the next 90 days, year and 3-5 years
  • Your sandbox, the ‘where’ in your definition
  • Your Core Competencies, and how to use them to develop your strategy
  • The Cash Conversion Cycle, and how to generate more cash without using outside financing
  • The proven method to upgrade your workforce and consistently recruit from only the top 10% of available candidates
  • Your Critical Number for the year and quarter, the most important numbers to drive your business forward
  • How to upgrade your salesforce to ensure they achieve budget consistently, and how to recruit sales people with a 92% success rate
  • Case studies on every element from local and international companies
  • Your top 5 priorities for the year and the quarter
  • The key metrics you need to monitor to understand the health of your business
  • How the meeting rhythm of annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily meetings drive a leaner and more productive culture

Top six reasons to attend:

1 LEAD the charge on high payoff initiatives
2 KEEP everyone in your organisation aligned and accountable
3 CREATE customer loyalty that makes price irrelevant
4 FUEL growth with smart cashflow management
5 LEARN what’s working in today’s mega-growth businesses
6 BUILD real market value and serious stakeholder wealth

One Page Plan Gazelles
The Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan

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