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Our 2 day Rockefeller Habits workshop is based upon the Verne Harnish book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” and his subsequent work on the Four Decisions. The Rockefeller Habits 2 day workshop is a private offsite experience for you and your management team where we complete the Gazelles 1-page strategic planning session.
An agenda for the workshop can be found below



Gazelles Growth Method

Intro to Gazelles Growth Tools
There are 4 Decisions all growth companies need to get right – People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Intro to One-­Page Strategic Plan and Gazelles Growth Tools.


Cash Conversion Cycle
The Cash Conversion Cycle is the time it takes for $1 of operational and COG expense to return to you as cash collected from your customer. How can you eliminate mistakes, shorten cycle time or improve your business model?


Core Ideologies
Core Ideologies are made up of Core Values and Core Purpose. Core Values provide the handful of rules that will remain constant and provide your company with a strong cultural foundation.

Organizational Structure
Organizational weakness keeps your company from growing. By clarifying responsibilities and accountabilities for each role your company is positioned to grow.


According to Jim Collins, the Big Hairy Audacious Goal is a 10 to 25 year lofty goal that challenges the firm to greatness.

A strategy to neutralize or blow up the main bottlenecks or chokepoints in your industry.



Brand Promise
The single most important measurable that matters to your customers yet makes you different from the competition.


3-­5 Year Plan
Financial targets and key thrusts

Rockefeller Habits Checklist
The key activities your company should be doing to insure relentless execution.

Annual and Quarterly Plan
What are the companies Top 3-­5? Review Metrics -­ Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Critical Number.

An idea or image that transforms a managerial goal into a company-­wide mission.

Individual Plan
What are your Top 3-­5 priorities that support the companies priorities?

Dashboards are tools to measure the right things now so you can gain insight into the future of your business. How to use them in your Quarterly Planning and Weekly Meetings.

Meeting Rhythms
The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting rhythm and the specific agendas that make them effective and practical.

Summary and Action Plan
What actions are you going to take starting tomorrow to achieve your annual or quarterly priorities.