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Perhaps you have already decided to use Net Promoter Score as a solution to your customer experience problems. Maybe your NPS program is already in place, or will be soon. Are you ready to create more brand evangelists and turn Passives and Detractors into Promoters? If so, what is the next step? Maintain your momentum, evolve your knowledge and practices, and increase the success of your NPS program with this workshop.


Net Promoter Score


The Net Promoter management framework

  • How Net Promoter represents a disruptive approach for building customer loyalty?
  • The core tenets of Net Promoter
  • How Net Promoter differs from traditional customer satisfaction initiatives?
  • The core elements of best practices
  • How to communicate the benefits and value of a Net Promoter program?

Using customer economics and segmentation to prioritise loyalty investments

  • How loyalty relates to profitability for key segments?
  • Methods for identifying your most strategic potential investments
  • How to apply a financial framework for calculating the impact of Promoters and Detractors?

Driving change throughout the organisation

  • Successful approaches for gaining buy-in at all levels
  • Best practices for establishing management rhythms that drive cross-functional action and accountability

Mapping a successful Net Promoter journey

  • Practical skills for building a prioritised roadmap for your Net Promoter program
  • The steps in an effective adoption plan
  • Strategies, tactics, and timelines for overcoming common rollout challenges

Generating trustworthy data

  • Best practices for setting up data collection, analysis, and reporting systems to support your program goals and roadmap
  • The difference between transactional and relational metrics
  • Recruitment and sampling strategies
  • Techniques for ensuring high response rates
  • Processes to monitor and avoid results gaming

Determining the drivers of promotion and detraction to enable action

  • How to spot systematic issues and patterns in your customer experiences?
  • How to determine the root causes of detraction and promotion to improve NPS with targeted segments?
  • The advantages and limitations of a variety of approaches for understanding experience drivers

Systematically closing the loop at three key levels

  • How to meet the information needs of three key employee groups?
  • How to design closed-loop processes for those groups to drive action, learning, and behavioural changes?
  • How best-in-class companies ensure that action is taken on relevant feedback by all levels?

Setting realistic goals and improvement strategies

  • How high you should reach when setting improvement goals for your program?
  • How to set relevant goals for individual employees while accounting for competitive benchmarks, cultural differences, and historical performance?
  • How to apply strategies to differentiate the customer experience?
  • How to drive continual improvement and innovation?

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