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Made to Thrive Self Assessment


The following Made to Thrive self assessment checklist has been designed to help you rate yourself in relation to great leaders who create the best results.

We have identified 25 key activities that contribute to great results and higher effectiveness from leaders. Please answer each question candidly by responding yes or no based upon whether you are completing each checklist item today.

Once completed, please select which result of the five in the drop down option menu would have the biggest impact in your organisation, and then click submit. You will also receive an email with your results and more resources to explore.

Rate yourself...


Questions Set 1: Accountability

There is accountability for all employees and suppliers
1.1 All employees understand every aspect of what it takes to succeed in their role
1.2 All employees report to their peers weekly on the two key performance indicators (KPIs) which define their role
1.3 Failure has a consequence that is transparent and is known by all employees and suppliers
1.4 All team meetings are conducted with an agenda, and data is available to effectively make decisions during meetings
1.5 Internal and external employees and suppliers who do not consistently perform are rapidly removed from the business

Questions Set 2: Ambassador

The CEO performs a strategic role as an ambassador
2.1 The CEO has a system to build a public profile, such as industry forums, industry leadership, blogging or speaking
2.2 The CEO attends all major customer contract signings or product launches
2.3 All employees learn Core Values and Core Purpose stories monthly from the CEO
2.4 All new employees are welcomed by the CEO either physically or virtually within their first week of employment
2.5 Every quarter the CEO launches the company plan and priorities to all employees

Questions Set 3: Culture

A positive culture unites the team and attracts the right people
3.1 Core Values and Core Purpose are known by all employees
3.2 There is a qualitative and quantitative system of feedback between all employees and leaders
3.3 Ideal Employee needs are identified, and the Employee Promise helps to attract the best employees at the pay you offer
3.4 Employee Promise KPIs are measured weekly, and performance is displayed all around the business
3.5 Where Core Values breaches occur, employees are reprimanded or terminated

Questions Set 4: Strategy

The company's strategy delivers a unique and valuable position in the marketplace that is different from competitors’
4.1 Quarterly and annually, the leadership team meets off-site to reflect, evolve the company strategy and set priorities
4.2 The company's long term 10+ year BHAG® is known by all staff, and actions are taken each quarter to progress toward the BHAG®
4.3 Ideal Customer needs are identified, and the Brand Promise is helping to attract the best customers in the market
4.4 Brand Promise KPIs are measured weekly, and performance is displayed all around the business
4.5 Each key product or service contributes to the company hedgehog. Any which do not are discontinued

Questions Set 5: Succession Planning

Key risks to the business are reduced through succession planning
5.1 Each significant role within the organisation has a virtual bench of at least two people who are contacted quarterly
5.2 Products and services at risk of decline or disruption are mapped quarterly, and actions identified to replace these revenues
5.3 Suppliers at risk of decline or disruption are mapped quarterly and actions identified to replace these suppliers
5.4 All decisions on new opportunities, new staff or new investments are evaluated against a documented set of criteria
5.5 Each leader in the business has appointed a clear successor who could replace them from within